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Invasion America Ep 1: The Legend

Invasion America Ep 1: The Legend

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Quetzalcoatl 2 months ago

I like these "Aliens" a lot. That peaceful prince is a dumbfck. He should live among humans as a black man for a while.

ali ali
ali ali 2 months ago

This feels similar to Roswell

M H 2 months ago

this needs a blu ray remaster

Danielle Markham
Danielle Markham 2 months ago

I feel like crying. I have been looking for this animation and trying to tell my friends about it for YEARS but to no avail. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! <3

IRIA 2 months ago

I recorded these when I was a kid and would rewatch them forever. All the soundbites are stuck in my head even after all these years. What a great, underrated, forgotten show.. such a shame it hasn't had a reboot, second season or home release. voice acting, music, writing, solid.

Bad Gaming
Bad Gaming 2 months ago

OMG! for many years i have tried to remember the name of this show and have searched for it. Wish more seasons where released. i remember watching this when it aired. I am very happy i found this.

sonrouge 2 months ago

Such a damn shame that a series with such potential got dropped out of the blue.

Alexis Octavia
Alexis Octavia 2 months ago

Finally after 15 years I find this masterpiece again. I was 10 when I first saw this but I thought it was awesome and guess what I was right ❤❤❤❤

Bruce L.
Bruce L. 2 months ago

So glad someone posted these. to you

Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 2 months ago

A friend of my Dad used to record cartoons on VHS for me. He recorded the first two episodes I believe. Glad to be able to see this more.

-I'm the guy that posts your videogame pron-

hard to believe anyone would not notice they are aliens with eyes like that lol

American Born Patriot.


Punx is idol and noise

I did not understand this show when I was 6 years old but i always watched it. I honestly thought it was a young Terry from Batman beyond

Max Payne
Max Payne 2 months ago

I heard of this show years ago, but a few weeks ago, I finally get to watch this show and I really enjoy this. One of Dreamworks' finest animated series they ever put out.

Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres 2 months ago

I have been looking for this for years! I knew it was WB and I loved watching it. Thanks for posting it up

Erik Finkel
Erik Finkel 2 months ago


Reggie Bates
Reggie Bates 2 months ago

I came across this last year 20 years after it originally aired. I was 13 in the summer of 1998 and watched every glad it’s out there to watch!

GochEm 30
GochEm 30 2 months ago


Neo 007
Neo 007 2 months ago

6:39 Christopher Cross “Ride Like the Wind”

Jimmy Campbell
Jimmy Campbell 2 months ago

I sure wish this show continued.

Shadow 27
Shadow 27 2 months ago

David look's alot like Terry From Batman Beyond.

Connie Mcmillian
Connie Mcmillian 2 months ago

As I said a month ago: Remake and put back on TV. Hey Guys they did.  It name of the movie is:  "I Am Number Four a 2011 movie that on SyFi  channel now.

Treychik 2 months ago

Why I never heard of this show?! Animation looks cool!

dru boy
dru boy 2 months ago

I LOVED this when it aired in the 90s!

Connie Mcmillian
Connie Mcmillian 2 months ago

I'm number 4. Remake. See my comments below.

Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford 2 months ago

Compelling animation,da choice. to follow da story is yours.....

arthur facteau
arthur facteau 2 months ago

Was that Leonard Nimoy's voice I heard?

John Rettig
John Rettig 2 months ago

OK the Kid ( Hero ) looks like the one from Batman Beyond and he just drove by the old Kent Farm

And the premise of the story is what
Alright then I'll watch this later because I'm tired and seeing double in one eye
Don't ask

Tyson Neil
Tyson Neil 2 months ago

The jeep at least went out in a blaze of glory.

Peter Lawless
Peter Lawless 2 months ago

I think Colonel Conrad is voiced by Leonard Nimoy :)

Connie Mcmillian
Connie Mcmillian 2 months ago

As I said a month ago: Remake and put back on TV. Hey Guys they did.  It name of the movie is:  "I Am Number Four a 2011 movie that on SyFi  channel now.

nazri 666
nazri 666 2 months ago

i hate the music scope...typical usa movie

Matthew Snerbble
Matthew Snerbble 2 months ago

THE only animation that comes nearly close close to anime,....

Frank Smith
Frank Smith 2 months ago

That lady just die harded a try hard...

The Batman
The Batman 2 months ago

No mistaking Leonard Nimoy's voice in this.

505 Booker 2049384
505 Booker 2049384 2 months ago

Pretty sure copyrights for music may have slowed this down...

Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez 2 months ago

You know whats crazy this show talks about what all conspiracy theories talk about the government and stuff

Ravage Gonza
Ravage Gonza 2 months ago

Build the Death Star...

Christopher1775 2 months ago

Wow... This is a serious blast from the past, lol. 😎👍🏽

Cheetor536 the universal gamer

? If the visual of this there wuld be nick ta topules from Godzilla

Cheetor536 the universal gamer

I'm on the right. I here spock

Terrence Summerour
Terrence Summerour 2 months ago

This was back when it was only The Simpsons on primetime. An actual cartoon drama we still haven't seen one of those yet, well that lasted at least

HayabusaJudah 2 months ago

What the hell is this? Don't matter I'm watching! How did I miss this though....

brianr101010 2 months ago

Is that Leonard Nemoy as the base commander? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brianr101010 2 months ago

Definitely Terry Mcguinness precursor.

Lloyd Harmon
Lloyd Harmon 2 months ago

4:25 white privilege

Teran Icer
Teran Icer 2 months ago

Does kinda have a 'Gargoyles' feel to it...

THEATRE 2 months ago

Using car skids for a motorcycle

Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly 2 months ago

6:44 Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross. Cool!

ANIME LOVER YT 2 months ago

What’s this animation about

la ardilla lopez
la ardilla lopez 2 months ago

I never knew this show...until now.

GochEm 30
GochEm 30 2 months ago

I thought it was from Fox Kids.

Cosmin Potgoreanu
Cosmin Potgoreanu 2 months ago

same here, I looked for this show for years, I never thought I will find it

Dave102693 2 months ago

I don't remember this show at all

Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano 2 months ago

You got to love sci-Fi.

Randy Wiggins
Randy Wiggins 2 months ago

Nice.never saw the show but great to hear Nimoy's voice again.

aikitkd 2 months ago

did they ever made a second series ?

Vladimir Saturno Alvarez

En español no ahy

Anthony Falcon
Anthony Falcon 2 months ago

Thanks my wife thinks this never aired... make u think 2011 and no one I know who watched this didn't remember.

Ant banks
Ant banks 2 months ago

Do not remember this at all....... and nothing slips past my radar..but do not remember this.....

eric oxner
eric oxner 2 months ago

Is it just me but I think I hear leonard nimoy and tony jay voices.If so all the better.Good concept and story.

chodeshadar18 2 months ago

What the hell has HAPPENED to Steven Spielberg? Has he lost his mind?

Arnold Bernardo
Arnold Bernardo 2 months ago

This is the first time I'm watching this show, and WOW! it's like a literally conversion from a movie to cartoons. That's how good it is!

Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz 2 months ago

Wow, this should probably kept in my memory salted by nostalgia. Watching this again so many years later, I'm not impressed.

Billy Holmes
Billy Holmes 2 months ago

stupid anti american propaganda the maker the artist and producer should all be lined up in public and hanged for bing traitors to America


the amount of ppl searching for this show for years is to damn high!

michaelkeha 2 months ago

If the show was that amazing how come everyone forgot it's name?

Jody Pope
Jody Pope 2 months ago

We need more shows like this, and Roswell conspiracies

Wyatt Guilliams
Wyatt Guilliams 2 months ago


Chris Kelley
Chris Kelley 2 months ago

Is it a coincidence that Commander "Stark" and Angie look a lot like Nick Fury and Anita Hill?

trueblue2055 !
trueblue2055 ! 2 months ago

I never seen or heard of this show until now

Richard Menke
Richard Menke 2 months ago

Leonard Nimoy voicing the colonel.

Jerome Fell
Jerome Fell 2 months ago

Looks like gargoyles with a pitch of batman beyond

Davey Houston
Davey Houston 2 months ago

what the hell is this !? I have never heard of it and I am an animation fan.

SaeHeyKid 2 months ago


Batman 2 months ago

How have I never ever heard of this show? I thought I have seen all 80s and 90s Cartoons. this is amazing!

ThatEvilDragon 2 months ago

the genreal dudse sounds like leanrad nemoy

Dr Phot
Dr Phot 2 months ago

Most of the comments are how they've been looking for 10+ years to find this... I've looked for 5 minutes because of my recommendations list lol

Elizabeth Molino
Elizabeth Molino 2 months ago

I'm now hearing about this show and it reminds me a lot of WILD C.A.Ts ,the monsters reminds me of daemonites and the artstyle as well.

Nightcrawler 2
Nightcrawler 2 2 months ago

They should remake this in 2018 before its over and title it part 2 the caravan.

salaciousBastard 2 months ago

11:13 I love how there was very little preamble to the shootout. "TREASON!!!"
Take this hot laser in your asses.

Gordon Wiessner
Gordon Wiessner 2 months ago

Damn cartoon!

Roca Zaraki
Roca Zaraki 2 months ago

when they mad diz. in da 90's..

carlos chamagua
carlos chamagua 2 months ago

Okay this is the first time I watch this and I just became a fan.... why did anybody told me about this

me P
me P 2 months ago

What an arrogant piece of crap hypocrite son-of-a-bitch! This asshole has the gall to talk shit about America and claim we have Weapons of Mass destruction and only respect brute-force then turns around and attacks his own people talking about an invasion. I'm less than halfway through the first episode and I'm already not impressed with the show, at all... it's insulting, arrogant and ignorant.

Mac man
Mac man 2 months ago

In this video:
Exposing the Greatest Deception of all time! • The Earth is flat.

GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

America responds only to superior force? Well...That is sadly what most people respond to, even toddlers - especially toddlers. FACT: Well-mannered children have "no nonsense" parents. It's no accident.

kara badger
kara badger 2 months ago

they john mclained the chopper...

Astriano Castellon
Astriano Castellon 2 months ago

Never heard of this...but i downloaded all episodes...ill watch em back to back...see what all this been searching for years is all about... youtube sends you down file lanes..when your looking at different files...files =

jerk fudgewater
jerk fudgewater 2 months ago

Is that the kid from Batman Beyond?!?!?!???!!!??!?!!??

Tiger Shot
Tiger Shot 2 months ago

u been hit by! u been struck by! A smmmooottthhhh ALIEN!

Tiger Shot
Tiger Shot 2 months ago

I remember this from the days of cartoons like Rusty and big guy, Godzilla and men in black. great original cartoon. these were serious cartoons with interesting characters and story and adventure and not dumbed down. these days u get bad art,bad animation with dumb cheaply drawn characters that barely resembles humans. old school Cartoons like this had drama and story. no wonder why the west is turning to animie and manga. no agenda or dumbing down.

TheKeithvidz 2 months ago

i watched this on WB

kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena 2 months ago

Nice backstory though the animation could have been better.

tony lu
tony lu 2 months ago

I knew it! I knew Michael Jackson was an alien! It all makes sense now!

John Harvath
John Harvath 2 months ago

Sad to say, but I really don't remember this. This needs to be put on dvd!!

andziify 2 months ago

nope I have not been looking for this show. I just stumbled on it. I'm glad I did.

Danith 2 months ago

Thanks to football the wake up early saturday morning for great shows you only got to see then of our childhood is long gone

unclebuck 001
unclebuck 001 2 months ago

2:00 total contradiction to the Men in Black source of information. The Tabloids!! lol

T Smoove
T Smoove 2 months ago

You're different because youre the future of Gotham