Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*


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Information Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*

Title : Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*

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Frames Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*

Description Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*

Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*

Top 5 Websites for FREE MOVIES \u0026 TV SHOWS ! *Fully legal*

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sid ford
sid ford 2 months ago

Thank you Doc

•Good• Devil•
•Good• Devil• 2 months ago

When you have EON but there is no movie u wanna watch...

burningmarshmellow yt

kinda sus

Bagily G
Bagily G 2 months ago

please get a new mouse

Da Queen
Da Queen 2 months ago

All I'm trying to do is watch tonhon chonlatee 😭

Quentavius Wells
Quentavius Wells 2 months ago

Tubi shouldn't count it has no good movies lol but thanks for the other ones tho

Roxie x
Roxie x 2 months ago

Nothing in this video is avaible in my country 😤😧😟

Amber 2 months ago

Plss find website that show full hd for TV

Pin Pot 2 game theories and movie theories

bro this website sucks, i just want to watch season 2 of transformers prime

No One
No One 2 months ago

My computer has a problem and I'm using phone to download movies and watch it on TV but i can't find any sites to download The Witcher. Any sites suggestions?

oregon coast true stories

this place is crap

oregon coast true stories

MUST READ....I have to say this comment because I hate when other people say it. Is anybody else watching through quarantine .I got you.

[AP-Student] Richwayne Dela Cruz

vudu it's not free bruh

Giang Thanh Nguyen
Giang Thanh Nguyen 2 months ago

Love your channel! Great content and good production. BTW, I also recommend VivaTV android app for movie addicts like me. It's such a great app I just found recently

Jimble Bin
Jimble Bin 2 months ago

Tubi TV, TeaTV and VivaTV very good. I like theme

Top apps
Top apps 2 months ago

😍 Best app with HD movies. Dols (Play Store)

Niftalem Aby
Niftalem Aby 2 months ago

how i get the websites pls help

Anano Turmanidze
Anano Turmanidze 2 months ago

Do you guys know where I can watch jessie and wizards from waverly place?

Công Đinh
Công Đinh 2 months ago

Thanks. Website to watch movies is my best choice. Sometime I watch on TeaTV app (free) =))

Richard Manga
Richard Manga 2 months ago

Cinehub bruv this app and website is the besttttt

Are you sure you entered your name correctly?

I just want to watch the good the bad and the ugly after Netflix removed it

super tramp
super tramp 2 months ago

U suck idiot

Martin Mrxd300
Martin Mrxd300 2 months ago

You are in the wrong country lol

Daniel Dilone
Daniel Dilone 2 months ago

why is the fbi at my house

yogiswar saiprasad
yogiswar saiprasad 2 months ago

How dumb can be than this putting links of other unnecessary useless things and forgot the main thing

Alma Curlee
Alma Curlee 2 months ago

thank you so much

Drilon Rama
Drilon Rama 2 months ago

Bruh why watch films when you have anime

Chode 2 months ago

dick head

tellingTheTruth 2 months ago

i love you bro

buti hamad
buti hamad 2 months ago

your mike is goooooooooooooooooooood

DaSpeedBuilder 2 months ago

you have a gay video

Emerson Ramos
Emerson Ramos 2 months ago

None of these worked on my TV, either it takes forever to load or will not work at all

Damion Mascoe
Damion Mascoe 2 months ago

Vudu not free

PurpleTelevision 2 months ago

the first website doesnt have the flash so its useless

TheFifthOne 2 months ago

these are all garbage

Ashrani Baldeo
Ashrani Baldeo 2 months ago

I Live in trinidad and tobago it said crackle not available in my country

cool 2 months ago

I personally feel @t should be in the top because they update all movies and series in minutes of release and there are very few ads and no vpn needed.

megan 2 months ago

I wanna watch euphoriaaaaa

StankTribal 2 months ago

camp rock where you at

AXC_Maree 4x
AXC_Maree 4x 2 months ago

Is this inthelittlewood

Splash _CSC
Splash _CSC 2 months ago

Is this about offering us free tv or selling a VPN?

Electro lightning
Electro lightning 2 months ago

if there isnt im a legend then they are most trash webiste

Mairead Ross
Mairead Ross 2 months ago

The first one didn’t work for me because I’m from Europe😔

CIVE 2 months ago

All I want to watch is spider man far from home

Ovayi Mzokosa
Ovayi Mzokosa 2 months ago

I just wanna watch dragons race to the edge

ELDIS MORINA 2 months ago

i went on tubi but didnt work

Angel Zetta
Angel Zetta 2 months ago

thank you for sharing these websites to watch movies, the truth served me a lot, and the best thing is that they are in high definition

Skelibone _clan
Skelibone _clan 2 months ago

I wanna whach house of Anubis

HoneyComb Princess
HoneyComb Princess 2 months ago

Is soap2day legal

Raich Uddin
Raich Uddin 2 months ago

Very helpful video

Brijesh Kr
Brijesh Kr 2 months ago

Since fMovies got shut-down i've been using stream flix pro - there awesome, huge selection. They're missing 1 marvel movie though :(

Tv chanel
Tv chanel 2 months ago

Streamflix Pro still my #1 - clean, ad free, fast, boo-ya! 🍿

Fragzz Toilet
Fragzz Toilet 2 months ago

I have a mates netflix so i use it loaaads

Arc- Xis
Arc- Xis 2 months ago

Thanks for the video :) x

Yanam Bible Mission
Yanam Bible Mission 2 months ago

Cheers for the tips! :P

Robin Singh
Robin Singh 2 months ago

All I wana to do is watch euphoria pleeeeeze

Rabbitholebd Sports Tv

I just wanna watch badass action movies

darkwolf 2 months ago

I wanna watch the gremlins

Kevin Xie
Kevin Xie 2 months ago

For tubuTV it said I need to create an account to watch the full movie. Then it said I need to pay money for it, this is so wrong. TobuTV doesnt work

Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez 2 months ago

I dont see the links

GiveIt1MoreGo 488
GiveIt1MoreGo 488 2 months ago

i dont like watching a stupid fucking add every 2 mins

Aaqxii 2 months ago

I just wanna watch the Faculty

asdfghkl zxcvbn
asdfghkl zxcvbn 2 months ago

is that u korg?

Aristotle Surodjo
Aristotle Surodjo 2 months ago

Jesus Christ loves ya'll, repent from your sins

shivanie bishun
shivanie bishun 2 months ago

Non of this works😏😏😏😏waste of time unsub😏😏😏😏😏

Tut Sebhatu
Tut Sebhatu 2 months ago

Could you at least put the damn links ?

Richard Tharp
Richard Tharp 2 months ago

What is a Simple and Easy (for a Non Tech) to Get 90s series and Movies Free on TV.. I Have a Hulu box and an Android Box..

Richard Tharp
Richard Tharp 2 months ago

Betcha you Can't walk Me through Downloading Kodi on My android Box so that I Can stream old Series and Movies... CHALLENGE !!

Blinq 2 months ago

Half of these aren’t free fucking scammer can’t u just make a real video

jackie z trinidad
jackie z trinidad 2 months ago

Waste of time

Sachu Kurian
Sachu Kurian 2 months ago


jacob johnson
jacob johnson 2 months ago

Sounds like the stone guy from thor😂

hi hi
hi hi 2 months ago

Does it give u viruses? And do they have the new movies

YASHASWINI M R 2 months ago

Why does his voice sound like korg voice

Yan Felix
Yan Felix 2 months ago

Your a fucking piece of shit,you dont help people u just make them wat their time you fucking no life

Chu 2 months ago

hitting that 10-minute mark, eh?

Lamiya Rogers
Lamiya Rogers 2 months ago

I want to watch this series called a different world and I can’t watch it without paying 😣

Imani Davey
Imani Davey 2 months ago

i wanna watch an old series called : Every Witch Way but idk what site to use

Thevibingduck 2 months ago

How desperate were you to make it 10 minutes

Paowis 22
Paowis 22 2 months ago

All I want to see is LAW AND ORDER.... I can't find it, someone know were?

Ferret. 2 months ago

It’s not free

Coralene Mahoney
Coralene Mahoney 2 months ago

I counte she said folks 29 times 😂🤣

Simao Fernandes
Simao Fernandes 2 months ago

I just watched john wick at simyflix , they are the best!

_.akuheki 2 months ago

i couldnt find shrek, im sad

jorem belen
jorem belen 2 months ago

This is the best free movies website I always watch


91 2 months ago

God loves y’all repent and don’t take mark of the beast

Lilronlow 2 months ago

You bitch

morgan soul
morgan soul 2 months ago

Could help me please please i am looking for a way for get the bill and Eddie stobart truck and trailers and the police interceptions could find the best way to find it for me please

37diamond 2 months ago

Can't complain the quality is there just the annoying advertisement during the movies, understand why its free.

I hate gohan D
I hate gohan D 2 months ago

Go to afdah

Lucas Miranda
Lucas Miranda 2 months ago

none of these seem to work for me, do you have any other websites you recommend?

Glenn Mackey
Glenn Mackey 2 months ago

Pls latest URL

april chhetri
april chhetri 2 months ago

hello where can i find free movies ?

SmokeyGeorge 2 months ago

I just want to watch War of the Worlds that’s on Epix and can’t find it to save my life and tried damn near every website😒😒

John Bowles
John Bowles 2 months ago

You've just made my day Doc with retrovision, I've been trying to find an app to view old movies and tv shows and you've supplied the answer.
Many thanks Doc 👍😎

Brian C
Brian C 2 months ago

Thanks Doc

stephen mitchell
stephen mitchell 2 months ago

No good as usual

Vicky C
Vicky C 2 months ago

Thanks Doc :)

Umar Abid
Umar Abid 2 months ago

I will stick with my third party its way much better than these apps. Use vpn when using third party.