Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189



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Information Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189

Title : Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189

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Frames Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189

Description Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189

Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189

Microscopes for SMD Soldering || $15 VS $45 VS $189

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Matt Man
Matt Man 2 months ago

I just bought some PCBs from JLC but I'm mad because I forgot to use the link here and just went there directly. I'll remember to use it next time.

Joseph Tannenbaum
Joseph Tannenbaum 2 months ago

After watching this, bought an Andonstar AD206S. I did not have digital zoom, but works great for me. It also had the blinking battery light so I opened it and found it had a battery compartment for a 18650 battery, but no terminals. Also PCB had a JB with + and - marked. Put terminals from a 18650 battery holder and wired it to the + and _ on JB. Now it works on battery! It shows how much battery is left and when it is charging. I am a happy camper.

Harold Johnson
Harold Johnson 2 months ago

Great review of these microscopes! Just bought the cheap one for my first IC replacement and discovered your video while waiting for the parts and tools I need to arrive. Wish me luck, I’ll need it…

Allan Tateossian
Allan Tateossian 2 months ago

I love the commentary, had me laughing in good way. keep up the good work.


My camera is so blurry what can i do

DAud i. c. i.
DAud i. c. i. 2 months ago

Maybe because my sight isn't very good to begin with, but I greatly prefer a large monitor over those smaller built-in LCDs. I suspect it's awkward for some that the display and the subject are basically in a right angle to each other, but that's not an issue for me - all those years of PC gaming finally pays off!

Dr Adil Rehman
Dr Adil Rehman 2 months ago

Can you please tell, what is the maximum working length, between microacope and object to focus

Share Ten
Share Ten 2 months ago

ich hör den akzent einfach raus

shravan k
shravan k 2 months ago

can you make one by using old phone

Brian West
Brian West 2 months ago

Connect the $15 camera to an old smart phone with a stand.

George Abraham
George Abraham 2 months ago

Sweet.. Got a cheap chinese.. Koolertron 1080p,.. pc recording wont work on pc MS windows because of the timing(pc wants to detect the device before you can set the mode on the microscope) it works on the phone just fine, allowing for sound even.. using a usb adapter.. glue a dedicated cable in place on the device though.. you dont want to wear out the microusb if you want it to last in a workshop.. perhaps also use some dust cover cap... state of the art..

Nickname 2 months ago

I'd like to add that you can also connect the 15€ microscope to any Android smartphone via the USB adapter. This means that you don't need a PC or USB power supply to use it.

Diego Mr
Diego Mr 2 months ago


Semperitus 2 months ago

Scott, could you please repeat such a test nowadays??? These few years have probably changed the microscope market.

Baldur Vizla
Baldur Vizla 2 months ago


Baldur Vizla
Baldur Vizla 2 months ago

You are better of if you buy an optical stereo microscope. The magnification should be about 4* due to the high resolution of the human eye of about 130 Mega pixel

david lixenberg
david lixenberg 2 months ago

I love 'Great Scott'. Now comes the 'but'. I don't know enough to get full benefit from the content's high level. The present video can serve as an example. After watching this video I am still unclear as to whether the $189- digital microscope can be operated completely independently or if I must also connect it to a computer.
I'm also unclear as to why I would prefer a digital microscope as compared to the traditional light microscope: I suppose that the answer is cost, but it wasn't said.

David Lixenberg

Chris M.R. Santos
Chris M.R. Santos 2 months ago

forget it...i need to see the area at same time as im soldering.....

Keinapappa 2 months ago

You apparently never removed 15$ microscopes lens protetion cap :)

IdealSound & Performance

Youtube recommends this 2 weeks after I buy one

Lou F
Lou F 2 months ago

6:03 wobbly pictures: incorporating a shooting time delay addresses this problem.

Lou F
Lou F 2 months ago

1:57 bacteria...suuure it will ¡ 😂
Good video.

Kais A
Kais A 2 months ago

hello what is your soldering iron /tip it seems great for smd soldering. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

Thành Vinh Lê
Thành Vinh Lê 2 months ago

Tbh if i going to solder only 1 smd pcb a year, i rather use my smartphone camera with some led light. I tried and the image/video quality is way more better than that $18 one. Only down thing is the zoom level, but some cheap smartphone zoom lens may solve it.

Kai-Made 2 months ago

I know it is an old video but recently you have started building more gadgets with microcontrollers...perhaps you could revisit this video's theme and manufacture your own custom microcontroller/camera/scope for soldering...? That way you can do it proper and get just the options you want, and then you could repack and sell the parts so we can make one too?!

S To
S To 2 months ago

3:22 - With all the soldering fumes and soldering spitting fireworks, it's gunna make the CMOS sensor foggy or permanently damaged, should mention that. Professional digital microscope has a clear plastic cover to prevent the fumes fogging up the the camera sensor over time.

Zaptor 2 months ago

All suction cups require a smooth non-porous base FGS to create a vacuum.

looking for places
looking for places 2 months ago

interesting video

Terence Figa
Terence Figa 2 months ago

you generally get what you pay for

Rizzo The Small
Rizzo The Small 2 months ago

"I was presented with a blurry image" he says moving the scope around with the fucking lens cover still on it...

John Brandolini
John Brandolini 2 months ago

During my career in the aerospace industry I have used optical binocular microscopes, and highly expensive digital microscopes. When you get down to 0805 size devices and smaller a microscope is the only way you can competently build or rework boards that use them. Since I am an amateur radio electronic enthusiast I design and build a lot of projects with smd devices. So after researching different microscopes available I settled on the Mustool microscope for the very reason that it had its own display. I also purchased an adjustable metal "jack stand" which allows me to vary the magnification range of the device. The only time I notice jitter is on high magnification with the objective close to the camera which when you come to think of it makes it impractical to solder. I set the stand so the camera is about 4" away from the objective which gives just the right of magnification and plenty of clearance to solder under. As for image sharpness it is finely sharp so I don't know why the one in the video has a problem with it. The suction cup wants to be attached to a smooth clean surface so I usually clean the cup and the surface with isopropanol before attaching and it holds very well. Since I am very nearsighted and wear thick lenses I have always had issues with optical binocular microscopes but the Mustool scope is the easiest tool I've ever used for smd work.

André G.
André G. 2 months ago

Thank you great video !

T D 2 months ago

For the first one you forgot to take of the lense cap :(

N B 2 months ago

Wifout a dowt you are a potato

Ptah Asar
Ptah Asar 2 months ago

CD?? A lot of Young folks never have seen one!

Just a Zebra that does minecraft totorials

I would just use my 250D with a macro lens

hateeternalmaver 2 months ago

Hey, maybe it's just in your recordings but from what I saw you forgot to pull the lens protector off the first one... ;D

BarTech TV
BarTech TV 2 months ago

The second microscope uses a GC0308 sensor from GalaxyCore MicroElectronics, which is a 640 x 480 VGA sensor from 2010. Even though it literally says "1080P". on the screen, when you record at resolution higher than VGA, it's scaling the video internally.

Cyphermunk 2 months ago

My parents bought this for me for Christmas. I don't trust downloading Chinese software and giving them access to all of my files.?. Super shady. They're probably collecting pictures of all our faces. I did anyway and it didn't work. Immediately uninstalled. Maybe too late? 😱🥳🤦‍♂️😳🌈❤🙏😇🦋🐛

Misfortune 500
Misfortune 500 2 months ago

If you push the reset button and the power button at the same time you will blow a diode on the board of the mustool.

3V0 2 months ago

I guess its time to build a battery for your microscope.

Research and Build
Research and Build 2 months ago

Installing chinese software on your PC, you are a brave man

All those camera are junk

hxhdfj ifzir st c
hxhdfj ifzir st c 2 months ago

I suspect, if you mount an old cell phone on a makeshift stand, it will be a 'digital microscope', of sorts.

cool zez
cool zez 2 months ago


Cattus Ex Machina
Cattus Ex Machina 2 months ago

Have there been any worthwhile updates since this was published? Thanks

God OfWine&Tits
God OfWine&Tits 2 months ago

make a DIY of this using a webcam

Emmanuel Barragan Zamudio

With all these I'm starting to wonder, can I use my phone to do the same thing? I did some test and the image with x5 to x10 zoom didn't look very good, however I did try downloading apps to take better pictures of closer objects and it did made the image way better, the light from the phone are not super bright but I can always use another LEDs to make it better, now I just need to 3d print a holder so I can fully test it

hugh janus
hugh janus 2 months ago

Does anyone have the super cheap one? How's the input lag?

Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

You should have names this video comparison of the cheapest and useless microscopes :))) I know now what to stay away from!

General Jordet
General Jordet 2 months ago

Why don’t you try to change the camera module on the cheap one to get 1080p? That would be a great improvement

Frederico Sarti
Frederico Sarti 2 months ago

Hi! This last michroscope could focuse from distance like the cheapest one?? Around 1.5m

John Bond
John Bond 2 months ago


Bora İle Birlikte
Bora İle Birlikte 2 months ago

Bunlar tr de 600 tl :/

PECA BMW 2 months ago

remove transparent protective cap from the $15 cheap microscope.

Yoritomo3800 2 months ago

Hello, I have got the Mustool microscope as you showed, i don't have that blur problem on mine but a small hair in the lens as default ..., and it has been provided with the metal foot such as your third model, it is a really decent tool, and i paid 35€ from Banggood with free shipping. Good enough for phone and tablet repair in my point of view, the only problem with that foot is he position of the screen which is still straight and not adjustable.Any
Anyway I am a professional and I really plan to buy it, it is the price above but still be affordable for a real difference in imaging and provided with a convenient multi purpose monitor www.banggood.com/HAYEAR-14MP-HDMI-HD-USB-Digital-Industry-Video-Microscope-Camera-p-1052886.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

Bergwacht 2 months ago

i would be satisfied with the cheap garbage microscope because i don't even have any microscope

Jagannath Mahato
Jagannath Mahato 2 months ago

Better use magnifying spectacles.

Rik Miles
Rik Miles 2 months ago

Nice video,

Mikolaj Mikun
Mikolaj Mikun 2 months ago

Compiudur is great :)

sunil saxena
sunil saxena 2 months ago

I have this one but I have no driver plz tell me where to download software.

abulkhair 2 months ago

How can i buy this projact

Beaky Twitch
Beaky Twitch 2 months ago

I use the metal stand type, and a movable stage made for microscopes. The stage has a spring loaded clip to hold a glass slide, and I fitted a piece of protoboard in place of a slide, and marked the boundaries that could be seen. I mount my circuit boards using Blue Tack.

Cooking Crafts
Cooking Crafts 2 months ago


Alexz 2 months ago

Which inquisitor would use digital microscope for professional work, when the chinese produce very good for their the price optical stereo microscope ?!
If you dont know 95% of all american brand optics are produce in China. Rest are Japan and Germany which are alot more expensive.

Dark Hypersthene
Dark Hypersthene 2 months ago

umm, shouldn't the cap on the 15 dollar microscope be removed to get a better image?

Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 2 months ago

Shit like this is part of the reason I'm terrified by the idea of China being in charge of anything.

Wasantha Wimaladharma

Can you make a portable screen for 15$ type microscope wich can plug and play ditectly without a computer or use a small tv monitor which support its usb port for video and images

Ed19601 2 months ago

Your aliexpress end ebay links for the 15 dollar one do not work

Seif Eddine B
Seif Eddine B 2 months ago

3:27 I believe the dust cover is still installed on the microscope, this should be removed during operation.

bummers 2 months ago

Best tip from this video: Use electric tape to hold down circuit boards and items while soldering!!!

bummers 2 months ago

So what happened to the battery inside the dashcam ... I mean microscope?

Daniel De Leon
Daniel De Leon 2 months ago

I have the 189$ one. They also selling the one with metal body. and can even adjust the microscope through the knob like your main microscope.

Sara Khochonsaeng
Sara Khochonsaeng 2 months ago


gabrysur 2 months ago

Thanks for this video, I'm starting a small electronics repair shop and I'm considering a microscope, was wondering how this cheap microscopes performed.

By the way, did you know amscope sells a 100 dollar similar microscope? I wonder how it compares to yours.

عبد العفو هقي

Hi teacher, translate at Arabic is grate, thanks for help me

Houndog Johnson
Houndog Johnson 2 months ago

You didn't remove the lens cap on first item.

jlehm 1982
jlehm 1982 2 months ago

whatever it cost to not have Chinese software on your computer is worth the cost.

FryingPanHead 2 months ago

Excellent English. Better than many whose FIRST language is ostensibly English.

Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso 2 months ago

What about using a mobile phone in a good and sturdy mount? Cameras of mobile phones are excellent.

Vaishnavi Jennie
Vaishnavi Jennie 2 months ago

Can we use this without CD

Xyliest - Techman
Xyliest - Techman 2 months ago

I guess i'll take the 15$ one
Because it's very well built and it dosen't have a SREENSAVER

Carole Wise
Carole Wise 2 months ago

Checking through the comments and noticed a couple about GS soldering skill - why be a hater? He isn’t giving a soldering class, he’s discussing the merits of some less expensive microscopes. Do you just have subscriber envy? Boom, he has over a million! You can’t touch that :)

Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson 2 months ago

Why don't you 3d print a stand that holds a cellphone to use as a microscope? I'm not sure what quality you would get, but it sounds like a fun project.

Nyambe Mundopu
Nyambe Mundopu 2 months ago

I am not interested in the microscope but a magnifying glass. What would be the best "Brand" & "Model" for a LED Magnifying Glass?

Setrik aZ
Setrik aZ 2 months ago

0:17 : Which is certainly not perfect
0:18 : 1080p HD Video from a Microscope

Roy Brown
Roy Brown 2 months ago

You really expect the microscope to stick to a table

Mike Ostrowski
Mike Ostrowski 2 months ago

You need to take the clear plastic cap off

José Andrés Bolaños Yepes

What about the digital microscope Andonstar AD207? Can this do the job?

CYBER MECH [ID] 2 months ago

I'm already grateful for watching this video with only 720p quality

Guillem Mateos
Guillem Mateos 2 months ago

On the cheapest microscope, it looks like you did not remove the cap that protects the lens. Removing it will make a huge difference on quality as one may expect. It has a tab on the side that helps removing it and placing it back when not in use.

Gergő Bor
Gergő Bor 2 months ago

If you add a Rasberry Pi and a screen to the $15 microscope and 3D print a stand you can use it like the $189 one.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 2 months ago

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Greg W
Greg W 2 months ago

Add information from the microscope 🔬 wifi after installing the application on the phone or tablet steals user data and sends fake messages. The device is working but the app is a scam.

Tejas Jaiswal
Tejas Jaiswal 2 months ago

hey scott i got the same microscope from scrap but it doesn't has the cd can you send files to me by some means please reply if you see the message.

hernan marcucci
hernan marcucci 2 months ago

i used a cheap usb microscope in my job for soldering smd 9 hour per day is a real nightmare, the delay time is a shit. this things are just for hobby uses or one proyect per year like you says.

Pal Sih
Pal Sih 2 months ago

I'm new to soldering. Will this help me improve my soldering skill especially through-hole soldering?

ScottieZooms 2 months ago

Nice work.

okwestern 2 months ago

Seems you forgot to remove the lens cap on the first camera :) Removing that would yield for even better results ;)

Asilo Asil
Asilo Asil 2 months ago

I subscribed to your channel because you translate in Arabic my regards to you

samljer 2 months ago

1000x.... not a chance in hell LOL