Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!


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Information Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!

Title : Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!

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Frames Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!

Description Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!

Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!

Star Wars News - Sabine Wren Coming to Live Action - Confirmed!

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Echo Base Network
Echo Base Network 2 months ago

Thank you so much for coming by! Sub and join the family! We are, YOU are, EBN!

Adam BROWNELL 2 months ago

Sabine is in my top three favorite characters of all time

Gregory Newman
Gregory Newman 2 months ago

I think this is great. I always liked Sabine. she is action girl

Saber 2 months ago

Who the HELL is Snoke? They say a clone. From who?What if The Emperor was controlling Kylo to kill Snoke. Thus saying "he was a useless ""clone"". Taking away all of Snoke's thunder

Jason Fitz
Jason Fitz 2 months ago

Prolly one of my fav top 10. Actually hope she shows up in the Mandolarian, her and Djin would make a wicked pair.

Patrick Musson
Patrick Musson 2 months ago

LOVE Sabine Wren. By the way, have EBN ever done a video on SC-38, the reimagining of the scene in A New Hope where Ben Kenobi confronts Darth Vader on the Death Star. That is an awesome video.

Mysikrysa 2 months ago

This Mary Sue should stay where she belongs: in a kiddie animated series.
Why can´t they create some new, more mature characters for live action? Putting every character from the animation into the live action series makes the universe look really small, like a village of 50 people who all know each other and meet each other all the time.
Mandalorian actually made the universe look big and unexplorable by one person because Mando didn´t meet Mandos from other clans until the events of the series, never had met any Force user before he met Grogu.
This is step back to the silly "everyone knows everyone". I don´t like this approach of the SW universe and I absolutely hate the character of Sabine. She is like a fanfiction character created by a 12 years old girl.

Ciaran Fitzsimons
Ciaran Fitzsimons 2 months ago

Lets hope they have the right actor for her, Rosario Dawson is a great Ashoka. I don't think Dave will stir us wrong

Patricia Fenwick
Patricia Fenwick 2 months ago

I think Sabine is great! They'd better cast her wisely. I had heard that they had narrowed it down to 3 actors, but no idea who

Rakor 8
Rakor 8 2 months ago

much <3 from Germany Coach

DoubleBackAgain 2 months ago

Maybe. Definitely Maybe.

Maarek Steele
Maarek Steele 2 months ago

Get. To. The. Point.

Keagan White
Keagan White 2 months ago

Cast Lauren Kim! She’s a wonderful stunt woman and actress who looks very close to Sabine. She actually did some mando stunts for Morgan Elsbeth and the mocap for ahsoka in clone wars S7 too so she might already be in the loop

angel powers
angel powers 2 months ago

Sabine yes

TheSEMGuy 2 months ago

In Favreau and Filoni, trust we do

TheBigExclusive 2 months ago

I don't get Sabine's character at all. She's supposed to be a Mandalorian, also Expert Weapons user, also Genius Scientific Weapons Engineer, also Imperial Cadet, also a well known Bounty Hunter with connections, also expert sword duelist, also expert hand to hand user capable of beating a Mandalorian Veteran of the Clone Wars Gar Saxon (lmao), Amazing Artist, Demolitions Expert, and also a Rebel....all by the age of what? 14 years old? How could she possibly have done ALL that by her age? It doesn't make sense.

Pete Ward
Pete Ward 2 months ago

I think it was always enevitable that we would see Sabine in live action 😉👍

ZeroB4NG 2 months ago

called it!

So, Ahsoka is pretty much just a continuation where Rebels left off.
I just re-watched all of Rebels, i either hadn't paid attention to the entire plot when it aired or i've forgotten about it, needed a refresher anyway and this seemed like a good time.
My only real concern is, how do you make a live action continuation of a cartoon, without confusing the people that won't ever bother to watch the cartoons?
All these Cartoon characters practically need to be re-introduced including some kind of origin story in live action to the audience that simply doesn't know them at all.

But Rebels was getting weird, is Ezra like the Beast Master of Jedi? Giant Loth Wolves (want to see THOSE in live action! puppets! not CGI!), Loth Cats, giant Space Whales, he is totally an animal person... i wonder when they find him if they will expand on that. He is totally the type that like rides a Krayt Dragon into Battle to figt a Stardestroyer or something along those lines.
And all the things they pointed out for Mandalorian in that making of stuff, like that Tank that was only a toy before and the Spiders from that concept art, i really thought they were mining long forgotten stuff and "canonizing" it ...but they really already did that in Rebels, even prominently, i did not remember that stuff being in there until the rewatch and i did NOT remember how that show ended, i might have dropped out early or just did not pay that much attention. It's a giant cliffhanger and of course Filoni will continue that story if he has a chance and it looks like he is getting it.

And now i'm calling it that we will get to see at least cameos of Hera, Chopper and Zeb in one or two episodes just to have live action versions of them established.

It also makes a ton more sense to me now that the Logo for Ahsoka has this World between Worlds timetravel pattern stuff painted all over it.
I first thought that pattern might have something to do with the Doomcock rumors that they want to turn the Sequels into an alternate timeline with the "Veil of the Force" and that those patterns were a early hint of that... but after rewatching, yeah well Ahsoka is only alive because of that all, the Emperor already had shot his blue fire stuff through it and knows it exist, so he will keep trying to get control over it and they need to stop that of course and that is just part of her Character now so it makes sense to be there either way, i don't put any money on Doomcock's rumor mill really, but it is interesting that they may do more timetravel shenanigans after all... maybe there is something to it after all... lets wait and see.

Rob D
Rob D 2 months ago

Top stuff 👍 Much anticipation for the Star Wars ahead! #ThankYouJonAndDave

Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken 2 months ago

TBF i was expecting Sabine in Ahsoka as she left with her to find Ezra. Sabine, Zeb & Chopper being my favourite Rebels characters i want to see them all in the show. They may well all end up in Rangers of the New Republic with Hera if that show ever goes ahead.

I expect there will be people wanting Sabine's voice actress to play her but Sabine is only just about 30 years old by the time of The Mandalorian so the voice actress is 10 years too old to play her & doesn't look young enough (can't think they'd want to waste money on cgi de-aging when they can just cast new) & also unless they race swap Sabine she's wrong there too. So while she could maybe voice her while wearing the helmet she looks nothing like the character so my guess is they will completely recast Sabine & leave Tiya Sircar as the animated version like Ashley is for Ahsoka.

Tomasz Witkowski
Tomasz Witkowski 2 months ago

No real surprise there. In fact, i would be surprised if Sabine didn't show up. It's logical continuation from Rebels ending. I also expect other characters cross to live action as well, like Hera and Jacen, or Kallus.

Apom Taylor
Apom Taylor 2 months ago

Let's all be real. Rebels was treated unfairly by the toxic fanbase. People can come up with whatever excuse they want but reality is, rebels was only disliked because it replaced Clone wars (tcw was better). That's the core issue of rebels.

Kickapoo Ninja
Kickapoo Ninja 2 months ago

Hearing you make the mistake of saying Old Republic instead of New Republic makes me wish they'd let Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni make an Old Republic Trilogy of films or a show set in that era!

Kickapoo Ninja
Kickapoo Ninja 2 months ago

I hate the Rebels show, but I really like some of the characters from it. I'd really like to see Sabine Wren show up in any of the shows like Mandalorian Season 3 with a possible Mandalore plot. In the Book of Boba Fett, also in a Mandalore plot! And last but not least in Ahsoka to help look for Ezra and Thrawn!!!

Mark Wallburger
Mark Wallburger 2 months ago

After canceling Disney + I never finished Rebels buttttt I recently got D+ clearance codes and just finished it...and I'm hype to see how this all ties together in live action especially knowing that Jon and Dave have done such an amazing job bringing animated characters to life in live action. Def hyped.

Imylover 2 months ago

We unfortunately already have a SW character based on Kathy Kennedy. It's Admiral Holdo. Ugh! The similarities are scarily close.
As for Sabine coming back, that is an already expected & most welcomed sure thing. If Ahsoka is looking for Ezra, Sabine must be right with her for the same goal. Sabine knew Ezra far longer & closer, too. And with the success of all our other Mandalorians, Sabine is the only famous one left to introduce. Had been a massive mistake NOT to bring Sabine in. Especially since it is a female SW character that works.

Wallace Lang
Wallace Lang 2 months ago

I would like to see a live action version of Sabine Wren and I am confident that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are able to do it, for they have succeeded with Ahsoka Tano with her live action debute in "The Mandalorian".

Murray Dunford
Murray Dunford 2 months ago

As soon as they announced the Ahsoka series I was hoping Sabine Wren would be in it. I think she is a great character and would be great to see in live action.

Axidic 2 months ago

Good, i really want to see all the mandalorians reacting to din djarin being the new ruler

Isador 2 months ago

From a certain point of view I liked the young Sabine
With her ... 18-22y old (in my opinion, did they ever told her age?) she was flippy enough.
Ashoka begins around 7 or 9 after Yavin ... (if the series takes plave before Mando S2)

Venger 2 months ago

Dammit YouTube!
I'm repeating myself here. I think Jessica Henwick (played Colleen Wing in Iron Fist and Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones) would be ideal for the role, especially now she's had her hair cut short and dyed blue for the next Matrix movie out next year.
She was in The Force Awakens as a X-Wing pilot called Jessika Pava.

As YouTube is being a pain for posting links, I'll just say: Look up her iMDB page and look at her photo album. There's a pic of her in her Matrix look.

Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

I bet they pick an actress who looks nothing like Sabine.

Jokester30 2 months ago

They’ll probably cast a an Asian actress as Sabine

Kraschman1111 2 months ago

I am so for this it’s not funny. Bo Katan and Ahsoka Tano were handled very well, Hera and Kanan showed up in Bad Batch. Bring on my favourite art-oriented Mando girl.

Burton Johnson
Burton Johnson 2 months ago

I think that Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen's Gambit) would be a perfect choice to play Sabine Wren.

Duane Huffman
Duane Huffman 2 months ago

Can't wait. I hope they wisely pick someone to represent her.

Dominick Ruocco
Dominick Ruocco 2 months ago

I fully trust that Filoni and Favreau will do an amazing job with a live-action Sabine Wren. She was such an awesome character in Star Wars Rebels. I'm so hyped for the Ahsoka series! Live-action freaking Omega next 😂

Vorylenus 2 months ago

Coach of the Dark Side :D

Cobra Disney Jedi
Cobra Disney Jedi 2 months ago

I'll be curious who they cast as Sabine Wren. When WWE star Sasha Banks was cast for the Mandalorian, I thought she was going to be Sabine. Oh well.

Deborah Young
Deborah Young 2 months ago

First of all welcome to all of Coach‘s students who happen to drop by we love having you here! I am also a great rebels fan and I like Sabin Wren, but of course Ahsoka is my favorite character in this format and I’m looking forward to all the upcoming live action with all the new characters that were once in this format.I agree with you Coach I don’t think John Faverau or Dave Filoni are going to let us down I’m going to put my faith in what they have for us with the upcoming shows! Hey kids remember encourage your coach to drink a lot of coffee!💖🐻

Nandrall 18-25
Nandrall 18-25 2 months ago

I love Rebels and Sabine is my favorite character, on the show. She's on my favorites list for Star Wars in general.🙂 I just pray they cast her well.🤞 And I really want Sabezra to finally happen Damn It, I'm tired of reading fanfiction.😤

Darth Metalorian
Darth Metalorian 2 months ago

I liked Sabine in the animated series and her story arc is pretty well written so I think having her as a live action character would work great. Besides, with Ezra coming to live action and Ashoka already having been brought to live action it just makes sense to have some of the main characters from the Rebels series as well. It will definitely be interesting to see where Book of Boba, Mando S3, and the Ashoka series take us. I'm looking forward to it.

Rasczak's Roughnecks
Rasczak's Roughnecks 2 months ago

Rebel’s was great Star Wars and Sabine got great character development...

aeromaul 2 months ago

Sabine is personally one of my favorite characters. The only other characters in Rebels I liked more than her were Kanan and Thrawn. Sabine's story is so compelling with the inclusion of her clan, the trials with the darksaber, and interacting with another one of my favorites- Bo-Katan. I'm really excited to see live action Sabine and her role with Ahsoka, Thrawn, Ezra, and Mandalore

Marcus Holbert
Marcus Holbert 2 months ago

If its Filoni it’s ok with me. He is George’s apprentice who is now the master.

The_CatMan aka DD Myers

Coach I must agree with you. Great job Coach. She’s one of my favorite characters I thank she’s a incredible part to the story. U and yours take care and be safe out their tel next.

Kara 2 months ago

Sabine is fine, but she is not my favourite. Maybe because i don t care about Mandalorians in this time period. (only Canderous Ordo make my heart beating :D ) Din Djarin is ok, i like Satine and Bo-Katan is fine?

I believe that cast will be good. Jon and Dave are trying fix things

lordnedz 2 months ago

I nominate Rosabella Laurenti ( Tyene Sand game of thrones ).

Star Oceans
Star Oceans 2 months ago

I love the Mandalorian culture but I do not care for Sabine Wren. She did a horrific thing to her own people and that's unforgivable.
She should have been prosecuted and put to death.
Also not a huge fan of Ezra Bridger he's a whiner and his characters chronic.

BTEC BRADFORD 2 months ago

Sabine is such a good character, pls don't have her be ahsoka's sidekick

Spencer Palmer
Spencer Palmer 2 months ago

Thank you for the video.

davepasnthru 2 months ago

Sabine is my favorite Rebels character so I am pumped.

James T Clement Film
James T Clement Film 2 months ago

Nev Campbell...but back in the day. I'd have watched that...

Boskov01 2 months ago

I don't mind Sabine, but they're just going to give her the Ahsoka treatment in using a completely different actress when they've successfully brought in veteran talent who already originated or have worked as those characters before.

The way they should've done Ahsoka was to involve Ashley Eckstein, the actress who voiced Ahsoka in the Clone Wars and Rebels. Whether Ash was the one in the makeup or a stunt-double with her lines dubbed over by Ash is how Ahsoka should've been done. Same goes for Sabine and her voice actress Tiya Sircar. I mean they've been able to get James Earl Jones, Frank Oz, Ian McDiarmid et al back to reprise their characters for voice roles in Rebels alone, Temura Morrison for live-action Boba Fett, and Katee Sackhoff for Bo Katan so why couldn't they do the same with Ahsoka and Eckstein?

Marlynn Tyler-Roldan
Marlynn Tyler-Roldan 2 months ago

Sabine's mando'a is atrocious, but I still like her character. Can't wait to see who is cast.

Joshua 373
Joshua 373 2 months ago

Bring all the Rebels Characters to live action!

John Hayes
John Hayes 2 months ago

Sabine Wren is my favorite character from Rebel. It is Asoka and Sabine that goes to look for Ezra so how could she not be in the Asoka show.

The Stanley's
The Stanley's 2 months ago

Tbh I expected Sabine to appear in ahsoka don't know why they've only just announced that she is.🤷‍♂️ She was as one of the better characters from rebels.

Old Redneck Nerd
Old Redneck Nerd 2 months ago

Chloe Bennet, its a no brainer.

Philip Hawkins
Philip Hawkins 2 months ago

Congratulations to you and your students coach! Keep up the great work!

nerdrage557 2 months ago

Very good news indeed

Brittany j Taylor
Brittany j Taylor 2 months ago

everything is coming together.........

JohnFourtyTwo 2 months ago

This is awesome Coach! I've been saying we've already seen her as the Communications Officer on Moff Gideon's ship. The actress who plays her (Katy O'Brian) has a martial arts background and would be perfect for Sabine Wren. Some think it's a different character since we last see her unconscious on the deck at the end of Episode 16, presumably dead, but I think she's just unconscious and undercover trying to find the location of Thrawn for Ahsoka.

Couch, I would've loved to have you as a History teacher in high school even though Mr. Daughdrill was very close to Sam Kinison's character in "Back to School" with Rodney Dangerfield but without all the profanity, but his love of history and detail were spot on.👍✨

Jedi Master Stones
Jedi Master Stones 2 months ago

I believe this has potential, I was hoping that we already met Sabine in Mando, as the officer interacting with Gideon the most. Would have made sense that she had infiltrated the empires remnants already...

Matt Rissman
Matt Rissman 2 months ago

I am an unapologetic Rebels series fan!!! Sabine’s story arc in that show was quite compelling. I am all about having Sabine in live action and it certainly does make sense! Can’t wait!!! Peace and love, all!

Hydrospanner19 2 months ago

Since I'm into the Mandalorian culture bringing into life in SW Mando universe? Sure, why not. Heck, I'm expecting a live Sabine Wren into the Ahsoka series. Might as well put Hera Syndulla as a plus.

Simon Lakin
Simon Lakin 2 months ago

I don't mind who is cast as Sabine as long as the actor is a white female and has the right haircut. I.e. don't change the character into a male version or change the skin colour. Sabine has already been established and is fine the way she is.

Space Monk
Space Monk 2 months ago

I hope it is true, I respect those who liked the Disney Star wars but this is Epic!!

Stephanie Janiczek’s Smuggler’s Cantina

My least favorite character of Filonis. Maybe a live Sabine Wren will do better. Oh, and hi kiddies.

Space Monk
Space Monk 2 months ago