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Samsung TV Vertical Lines

Samsung TV Vertical Lines

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Steven H
Steven H 2 months ago

Very good in-depth video. Thanks a ton!

Namig Bekov
Namig Bekov 2 months ago

Perevodite pojalusta na russkom Ili na Turecskom yazike.

clau dio
clau dio 2 months ago

sorry paul

clau dio
clau dio 2 months ago

ey bob .... hai rotto le palle


Hey buddy you waste my time...yep anti climax

Chuck Posey
Chuck Posey 2 months ago

Tried this and several other recommendations without success as yet. I only have ONE green vertical line, it is clearly dots running up and down. In that line there is one missing dot. Might that tell me anything? Like maybe it is the actual screen rather than anything else? Would love an answer from anyone with any thoughts on this. Thanks!

Norberto Leoon
Norberto Leoon 2 months ago

Hey google fix tv

Beckwith Music
Beckwith Music 2 months ago

So are we just gonna ignore the fact this guy goes full on Tony Stark with his Google device?

dutchdna 2 months ago

Hey Google, order a new TV as long as it's not a Samsung.

Shia M
Shia M 2 months ago

His reactions were like a low budget movie, was this even real😂😅😂😅

Shia M
Shia M 2 months ago

What just happened...

DemyM atbp.
DemyM atbp. 2 months ago

Check the tcon board Vgh should be between 26-30 vdc, Vgl should be neg 4-6 vdc. If ok remove either of flat cable one at a time and see if vertical line will dissapear. Place about 2- 4mm of plastic tape to cover part of cable that has problem start from end and re-connect. Try to move it or place at other end alternately until the vertical is gone. If after several tries and nothing happen take lighter fluid and pour in the board and light in on fire ! Buy new tv and problem solve! 😀

Kratos 2 months ago

How old was the tv when it started having issues?

Gökhan Tunçelli
Gökhan Tunçelli 2 months ago

You are such a fool

wasay baloch
wasay baloch 2 months ago

hey google: comment thanks 😂

the hunter of death
the hunter of death 2 months ago

Buy a new tv bro

clyde timonera
clyde timonera 2 months ago

your google is so smarter than us XD

David McPate
David McPate 2 months ago

what a complete waste of time watching

Nicholas Mohr
Nicholas Mohr 2 months ago

I have the same exact tv with lines a bit worse than that, but they come and go. My neighbor put it out on the curb and I took it in, hooked it up and the lines didn’t bother me. It was made in October 2010 and he’s had it when he moved into his house back in 2011. I have had it since June 2020. I don’t want to try to fix it because I use it on a daily basis. If it gets worse, I might try it.

Geoffrey Schecht
Geoffrey Schecht 2 months ago

That's either due to the t-con board having a problem, the LVDS cable having contaminated connection points or, worst of all, one of the vertical segment drivers having died or its thermally-bonded flex cable having come loose. If the latter is the case, the monitor is a great way to make a few bucks selling its remaining good boards on Ebay.

Sameer Zemse
Sameer Zemse 2 months ago

Tear a piece of playing card (may be fold it to make it thick) and put it between the plastic border and the screen panel where the line has appeared.

mendezmi1 2 months ago

Hey Google,
who & why in the world told you a Q-tip was gonna resolve the problem?!?!?!?

Sag Norm
Sag Norm 2 months ago

Not sure why you are getting hate. It was entertaining (well, as entertaining as this kind of video can possibly get) and honest.

D G 2 months ago

You suck loser.

Clean_White_Sock 2 months ago

6:36 - Exactly what I said and how I said it when I realized I put together the second piece of my floating bookshelf the opposite direction after completion and mounting.

John Heaney
John Heaney 2 months ago

Hi do you now if parts for smart Samsung are same as 8 year old Samsung cheers

Holywell Films
Holywell Films 2 months ago


L G Entertainment & Adventure

very good advice

lar4305 2 months ago

Wow, that was an eye opener. to bad i put my tv in the trash, i could have cleaned the connections first then trashed it.

jey Lee
jey Lee 2 months ago

Paul, this was weird.

Jm Pr
Jm Pr 2 months ago

No Solution provided... Waste of Time watching this.

Erick Meza
Erick Meza 2 months ago

6:36.... best part... 🤣🤣🤣

Nory Lopez
Nory Lopez 2 months ago

Thank you for making this video no solution for the lines on my TV but I laughed for a good Solid 10 minutes I appreciate you 🤣

Randy Plett
Randy Plett 2 months ago

Hey Google, sounds like I need a new TV, any ideas?

Google: don't buy Samsumg TVs.

EFTAY 2 months ago

This didnt help me in any way by my problem with my gaming monitor but I got entertained so, thumbs up ! 👍🏻 greetings from germany

Superman 2 months ago

That's his wife.

Honda Monkey TV
Honda Monkey TV 2 months ago

6:37 - He's dead Jim.

Joseph Eastman
Joseph Eastman 2 months ago

Try reconnecting with that cable from your input. I have taken apart cellphones for screen swaps and many a time had them come on with the lines when I went to test it and have had the problem clear up after resetting the cable.

Amari Siders
Amari Siders 2 months ago

Awww crap

Edin Fifić
Edin Fifić 2 months ago

Great! Now all I need is Smart Home system with Google Assistant and I can start this repair.

212days 2 months ago

Wow you sure are dialed into that hey Google thing.

Jun Garcia
Jun Garcia 2 months ago

Hey google throw my tv in the garbage

Richardo Diaz
Richardo Diaz 2 months ago

Nice demonstration of 'hey google', thumbs up sir.

The best hazard
The best hazard 2 months ago

this did not work for me ether my tv still has the Vertical Lines on it

Marko Stepanovic
Marko Stepanovic 2 months ago

Skip to 6:36 . You are welcome :D

Milan Gajic
Milan Gajic 2 months ago

You should bleep the “hey google” in your vid...

dynz 2 months ago

imagine him being your dad lol he so cooool

BluBeard 2 months ago

Hey man I saw this video and I had a question first I want to tell you how the tv Got damaged this tv was shipped from another country at first nothing happened to the tv but after like 9 to 12 months the tv started showing lines and I have been using this tv for over a year before it was damaged and the tv is pretty Dusty too so please help me I don't wanna spent a fortune on fixing it

Rhink McNeal
Rhink McNeal 2 months ago

Lmao “ah crap” XD

J K 2 months ago

probably a loose cof cable attached to the panel

Troll Em
Troll Em 2 months ago

2:46 .Its Google, not Jarvis.

Keith Sharp
Keith Sharp 2 months ago

I remove tcon pcb ribbon then turn on i have no picture but still have vertical lines so this means tcon pcb not fault. There is another pcb at top which i feel may be the power for leds.

Raflie Erlangga
Raflie Erlangga 2 months ago

my google home triggered a lot while watching these

scott mcbride
scott mcbride 2 months ago

Hey I have a newish 65 inch Samsung curved 4k tv. My cat spayed on the front of it and now I have about a 9 centimeter verticle white line. Can it be fixed?

Sugandha Hile
Sugandha Hile 2 months ago

main sanitizer se tv clean kiya tha aur vertical lines aa gayi please help me🙏🙏🙏🙏

dannyrighi 2 months ago

Can you fucking idiot stop saying hey good how you’re not the only one with that device , you’re fucking activating mine

Silverio perez
Silverio perez 2 months ago

Stupid , no work ,delete video

JieBonz 2 months ago

Hey Google, fix my television please

Smit Jeswani
Smit Jeswani 2 months ago

Why did u posted a video like this

Lookatcurryman 2 months ago

Tbh I just slap my tv 😂

g gg
g gg 2 months ago

my samsung has the same 3 years old and samsung wil maby fix it for was 2000 dollar

Bernard Whittaker
Bernard Whittaker 2 months ago

I would suggest you buy a new tv, TVs have moved on a lot since the model in the video.

Uvencio Menendez
Uvencio Menendez 2 months ago


Rob Brown
Rob Brown 2 months ago

I forced myself to sit through all the bits with the old guy saying "hey Google, look at me, I can use Google!", but was it worth it? Definitely not.

You showed us how to do something that didn't work. Why show us something that doesn't work?

Sierra Willnus
Sierra Willnus 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this video! I tried this on my TV and it worked! I used a can of compressed air instead of the contact cleanser though. I fixed my grandparents TV with the help of this video, and saved them a lot of money!

Tanner Yt
Tanner Yt 2 months ago

I respect this boomer

PapaKrampus 2 months ago

Hey Google, one to beam up!

JRWYJR 2 months ago

Absolutely one of the worse videos I've seen!

Francis N.M.
Francis N.M. 2 months ago

For me it doesn't matter whether it worked or not,the video was educative and worthwhile.
Thank you

Bianca Carter
Bianca Carter 2 months ago

you fancy huh ? lol

Wayne Ferrar
Wayne Ferrar 2 months ago

It was a waste of my time and I spent more time telling my own Google to shut up as the Idiot Who was doing the video was more focused on showing us how much he liked using his Google It kept setting off my Google!!!!!!

A 2 months ago

u took the piss with this one

Aztec Airbrush
Aztec Airbrush 2 months ago

Are you really that lazy to stand besides the TV and ask Google to turn it in for you ..... ????? (facepalm)

magei kumar
magei kumar 2 months ago


stocon12 2 months ago

Thanks Paul.

Leo Pontiggia
Leo Pontiggia 2 months ago

esto es una mierda the real chet, jjjajajajaja
por lo menos se esforzo jajajajaja

Stef gagha
Stef gagha 2 months ago

televizor samsung LE 32 D 559K the picture is doubled and has vertical bars on left side . can you help

Angie Skidmore
Angie Skidmore 2 months ago

I don't think anyone thought it was going to work🙄

Gara Mabe
Gara Mabe 2 months ago

Samsung TV are sh*t. Mine has 3 thin lines

William Cahoon
William Cahoon 2 months ago

I also had vertical lines in a Samsung TV    Just running doing a complete setup of the TV - like when it was first put in operation solved the problem.  Part of the set up is to have the TV re- scan for channels .  Resulted in no more vertical lines. No dissemble of TV was needed.

Omm Marcello Twijsel.

hey Google... buy me a new tv....

gary lynch
gary lynch 2 months ago

he bugerd that

Chino Sparks
Chino Sparks 2 months ago

This guy's gettin alotta hate, but i actually like him 😂😂😂

He does kinda come off like his best friend is his google system tho lol

Glorius K
Glorius K 2 months ago

You can use 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean the contacts as well right?

jaydee lacs
jaydee lacs 2 months ago

wasted a fucking minute of my life

Gorkem Ozen
Gorkem Ozen 2 months ago

After I cleaned the connectors with alcohol the vertical lines were still visible. I then gently hit all the sides from the TV panel and the vertical stripes disappeared. I always used the second step before watching your video but that didn't work, so cleaning those connectors were definitely the solution. THX DUDE!!

Chick-N-Doc 2 months ago

Paul: Hey Google, when did I make my last video?

Google: You mean the video where you tried to fix the toaster but failed? That was 48 days ago.

Randumb 2 months ago


Confesor Cordero
Confesor Cordero 2 months ago

At least you was honest

Himanshu Mehta
Himanshu Mehta 2 months ago

fuckin idiot.

Donald McAllister
Donald McAllister 2 months ago

That google is better than having a wife, does what she's told and never answers back, and costs a whole lot less money than having a nagging old fart of a wife around the house, that's it i'm getting a divorce and buying myself a google box.

Knox Vitela
Knox Vitela 2 months ago

I feel like this video is more about the “hey google feature”

New Yorks Finest
New Yorks Finest 2 months ago

my hdmi ports werent working so i took out the board and baked it in the oven for 10 mins now it works. maybe try that with the tcon board because over time the solder loosens and reheating it mends it back together

Munir Dzampo
Munir Dzampo 2 months ago

What waste of my time watching this stupid video. I click on dislike.
You didn't show us how fix vertical lines and do anything usefull about that.
Only purpose of this video is gatehring quick views and showing us of insignificant google voice system. Wow, what shame!

cameron lindsey
cameron lindsey 2 months ago

Thanks for making this Paul! Thankfully I'm just dealing with one small line vertical line, but I may attack it this weekend! We shall see.

Cool Mojo
Cool Mojo 2 months ago

Waist of dumb for this

Buzz Duzz
Buzz Duzz 2 months ago

bloody same problem with my TV too cant fix it any one has idea please?

Herakles 2 months ago

Lol I think he wants to be tony stark :)

jmay4201 2 months ago

Pointer stop saying hey google while filming because it launches google assistant on a lot of peoples phones. I made it through 2 hey googles before I stopped watching.

Godluck Samwel
Godluck Samwel 2 months ago

..just to save your precious 7.14 mins; the problem wasn't solved..Incase you want see how google assistant works, proceed with the video...thank me later.