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The Avengers TV intro (1965)

The Avengers TV intro (1965)

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Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant 2 months ago

Wow just awsome beautiful Rip

ArseneWenger 2 months ago

I love this intro way better than the colored ones. Just the still photography is perfect.

Valentine Love
Valentine Love 2 months ago

R.I.P. Blackman, Magnee and Rigg. Imitated but never duplicated.

Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens 2 months ago

RIP you won't be forgotten

Bear 2 months ago

RIP Diana Rigg!

Kenneth Nichols
Kenneth Nichols 2 months ago

Diana Rigg gave us a woman who was tough and smart and capable, and a perfect foil for her sometimes stuffy partner. She made a mark on TV history and as a kid I really loved the show when it came to US shores. RIP Agent Peel (Diana Rigg) - 1938-2020.

POPTIC NERVE 2 months ago

Rest in Power Diana!

fatheroflatus 2 months ago

RIP Mrs Peel.

Aranjuez44 2 months ago

RIP DAME DIANA RIGG! :~( We will miss our Emma Peel! Another great one from the good old days, gone! smh. Britain's ORIGINAL secret agents!!

SuperDad1266 2 months ago

RIP, Mrs. Peel. A great beauty and a great actress. You'll be missed.

2nd2nun1 2 months ago

R.I.P. Diana Rigg. 😢

Oskarik Hudi
Oskarik Hudi 2 months ago

. Anyone here because of fortnite chapter 2 season 4

Cecil Treadwell
Cecil Treadwell 2 months ago

Born in 1953. Had to go to bed at 7 until I turned 8. Then I could stay up til 8.
This still put me in bed when this came on, but I still remember the music when my dad watched the program since my bedroom was right next to the living room.
Was able to watch the program in the 66/67 season, but this particular theme had already captured my psyche.

Leo-Neferuaten Boyle
Leo-Neferuaten Boyle 2 months ago

Now I'm going to include "The Avengers" on my list of TV programmes that influenced me in my childhood, because in the early 1980's, the series was repeated on TV in the U.K. - My Grandmother sometimes looked after us, after School, and she didn't mind us watching Emma Peel doing karate chops on baddies or being in peril, while wearing figure-hugging leather from head to toe ("Diana Rigg as Emma Peel" is a category of influence all in it's own category! So I won't go into it, here). However, I SHALL comment, that the theme music (Along with "Spider-man and his Amazing Friends") is STILL my go to "inspirational music" inside my head that motivates me! I think it was the catchy pace - you can't shake it! It will remain classic TV, regardless of which decade you watch it in!

Iris Esther Korda
Iris Esther Korda 2 months ago

every now and then her face reminds me of the young lauren graham, don't know why though .... cheekbones?

Originella 2 months ago

I was about eleven or twelve when my father, who grew up with this series, introduced me and my younger brother to it. We always had a grand old time watching it and "The Twilight Zone", and even at twenty-five, I still have such fond memories of that.

Dave Steller
Dave Steller 2 months ago would these Avengers have faired against Thanos?

g e
g e 2 months ago

that is one clear cymbal at end...

g e
g e 2 months ago

Emma in leather - ty Lord!

Trickroad 2 months ago

islam will dominate england

Dilly Mackey
Dilly Mackey 2 months ago

The new Avengers reboot looks great!

25411959 2 months ago

Diana Rigg had a sexy, beautiful, warm smile to melt the coldest heart!

L’Étranger 2 months ago

Do you see this Marvel? This are the real Avengers. No Powersuits, no Supersoldiers with shields, no Gods with hammers no green giants. Just a man and a woman who safe the world, without superpowers

Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall 2 months ago

In '65, i was 8, and i was in bed. 10pm friday nights on ABC, i'd hear the Theme begin. The tv was in the living room, and the door to my room faced it..i'd get out of bed, go to the door and open it just enough to watch Peel & Steed get busy..

brainsareus 2 months ago

Diana; could have played Catwoman.

gematria79 2 months ago

Mrs Peel, a great role model. Strong, smart, beautiful & sexy !

leftcoaster67 2 months ago

Emma Peel. Yum. Too bad she seemed to be a real wench talking about George Lazenby.

sunnysight 2 months ago

me too.....

bubhub64 2 months ago

Mmmm, Emma Peel!

robert harding
robert harding 2 months ago

wasn,t the tv so much better back then ?,,

Chopcitybeats 2 months ago


Art Trivia
Art Trivia 2 months ago

Recently they made a poll about who's the best Bond girl of all time, and Diana Rigg won above more than 50 Bond girls, how cool is that?

justarandomguy1977 2 months ago

Didn't Joss Whedon do this?

davelamy 2 months ago

Before that for me!!

TheFrankiegth 2 months ago

Dianna Rigg AKA Emma Peel, she played havock with my pubescent period, yum, yum, yum.

Juan Antonio Barrenechea

lo mejor que buenos recuerdos de la niñez

Ed Atomboy
Ed Atomboy 2 months ago

Emma Peel was SSS: Smart, Sophisticated, and Sexy. She could beat the tar out of me and I would have loved it!

TheVixenne 2 months ago

Emma Peel was my first hardcore girl crush! She was savvy, smart and sooo very sexy. While my female classmates wanted to be Cinderella, I wanted to be Mrs. Peel.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams 2 months ago

She really was wasn't she, god she was so hot!

anthony inger
anthony inger 2 months ago

Fantastic series. Much better than the drivel they make today.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams 2 months ago

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Steed, and bang Mrs. Peal in the worst way.

mrlbrown143 2 months ago

your not wrong there had the biggest tantrum when she left pmslol

evoman1776 2 months ago

Diana Rigg = heaven... ;)

Alfredo 2 months ago

its not those bloody avengers this is the origional series called the avengers

asnrobert 2 months ago

This brings back memories of when I was a kid in the '70s. I would watch this show after I got home from school (the show was broadcast on WOR out of Secaucus, which carried alot of British TV shows).

Ron 2 months ago

I loved this show and couldn't wait for every episode. I kind of lost interest though when Diana Rigg(Emma Peel) left to be replaced by Linda Thorson(Tara King). Just wasn't the same.I never saw the earlier series with Honor Blackman.

Ron 2 months ago

I hear that!


I love the show, i ´ve been raised in a small town, and i got shocked every time Emma Peel came up on TV. Nostalgy.

Ambi Dextrose
Ambi Dextrose 2 months ago

Don't you wanna go to 2015, where The Avengers 2 will happen?

Nom Deplume
Nom Deplume 2 months ago

I had the same reaction too.

HISDaughter ANGEL 2 months ago

OH WOW. Loved it miss it.

GarthanSaal444 2 months ago

I was so pissed off the first time I saw this. It was listed in the TV guide, and I was 9 back in 1977. I turned it on thinking I was going to see Iron Man and Captain America.

viking1960 2 months ago

Classy stuff.

themirrorsofmymind 2 months ago

I used to be so ADDICTED to the reruns of this when I was a kid (born in 72). It's funny now that I can hardly remember anything about it... Meanwhile, "Mom always said 'Don't play ball in the house'" "Correction! I will be vaporized. You will just look silly hanging by your foot out in space!" "There is only one thing missing from my Disney Land, Ralph. I have nothing from The World of Tomorrow." "You want "The World of Tomorrow? I'll give 'ya The World of Tomorrow! You're goin' to the Moon!"

benheideveld 2 months ago

Emma Peel, the name was constructed as M. Appeal, or men appeal, believe it or not. There has never been a more convincing, tongue in cheek, intelligent, independent, strong beautiful sexy woman on TV or the silver screen like Miss Peel, unforgettably created by Dame Diana Rigg. May she be finally proud of that!

darchylde612 2 months ago


tommyluvstraci 2 months ago

Emma Peel, I love you!

MrMANUBZH56 2 months ago

Diana rigg. Oh My God. One for the most beautifull actress.

8zyxwv 2 months ago

I happened to hear the theme song on the radio back in 1965 and they announced that it was from the Avengers. I started to watch the show just from hearing the song and what a great show it was. This is one of the best theme songs ever.

arwelp 2 months ago

And 47 years later, Diana Rigg will be appearing in the next season of Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who!

linda Halsey
linda Halsey 2 months ago

that Intro was great Diana Rigg and patrick Macnee are of My fav actors

Zapple03 2 months ago

The CLASSIEST tv programme intro music EVER......!!!!

speedsurfer123 2 months ago


Luzerna Verna
Luzerna Verna 2 months ago

Una de las mejores series britanicas y DIANA RIGG

Rabscuttle Rabbit
Rabscuttle Rabbit 2 months ago

This is an awesome show. Better than any of the excrement that is churned out on the airwaves today.

KeiKay58 2 months ago

You can't get more sexy than Emma in her black leather! This might be the best opening theme ever.

FIERO871 2 months ago

Steed was cool as ice and Mrs Peel was smokin' hot.

Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams 2 months ago

and Emma and who would you cast in a TV series remake and what would they wear

Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams 2 months ago

so how old would steed be

Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams 2 months ago

Who would you cast in a TV series remake it has to be Steed and Emma who should it be. And what would they wear in the 21st Century

Marlboro-man Mat
Marlboro-man Mat 2 months ago

Mr Steed was awesome! And, he made everyone want to carry brollys around with them.

XL5ZODIAC 2 months ago

The best season and best theme of a brilliant series. Thanks for this.

a1orski 2 months ago

Yeah.I meant to say 'Theatre of Blood'.Mr. Price was magnificent,wasn't he?

lincsposter 2 months ago

And don't forget Theatre of Blood! Classic film with an all star cast!

spiderfan4444 2 months ago

Emma Peel was a female Kato to Steed's Green Hornet. And we all know who was the cooler between the lead and the sidekick.

Joey brajkovich
Joey brajkovich 2 months ago

absolutely love this show!!!!!

Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn 2 months ago

Ohhhh how I remeber this on tv back in the 60`s then the 70`s the new Avengers but this one is the one which sticks out in my mind

ukamerica8 2 months ago

@creccy Absolutely

Gremlin1960 2 months ago

The upcoming Marvel Comics movie will be renamed Avengers Assemble in the UK to avoid confusion with John and Emma.

Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn 2 months ago

EXCELLENT TV the best of the 60`s now forget it nothing as exciting as the old shows .

hokusai7 2 months ago

@a1orski amen.. not like the ho bags now adays. jeez. leaves NOTHING to the imagination anymore.. the prostitots follow in their footsteps. brutal.

a1orski 2 months ago

@hunga224 Yeah,I noticed that after I posted.Thanks.A really good dark-humor movie for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Gordon Ritchie
Gordon Ritchie 2 months ago

@a1orski ) Theatre of Blood (1973) was the film she was super hot ...

ambers4life 2 months ago

I want this to come back on tv :P

Kamdibe ToChukwu
Kamdibe ToChukwu 2 months ago

GT's =)

sternumagnum 2 months ago

I hope this grand dame of the English theatre has been somehow made aware that she has been the cause of millions of adolescent boys' erections. Thanks, ma'am.

Les Elston
Les Elston 2 months ago

The theme tune totally sums up that era of television. So creative and exciting.

theromulanwarhawk 2 months ago

@SueStraka Emma Peel was the hottest ever. Tara who?

BBCTURBO11 2 months ago

It's on my favorites list , catch myself listening to it at least three times In a row ! Brings back good memories !

Manny Zuniga
Manny Zuniga 2 months ago

There's a business in Orlando, Florida that uses the theme song of the Avengers as background music for their radio add. Every time I'd hear the commercial I'd get frustrated because I would be familiar with the song but couldn't remember where it was from. I'm serious.. I'd go crazy. Finally, I found out.'s been well over 35 years I've heard it before the radio add!

Karlo Anthony
Karlo Anthony 2 months ago

I really had a crush on Diana Rigg! what male at that time with a heart-beat didn't!??... beautiful, sexy, classy woman!! And Steed was a cool cat....played the part very well!

beardoftheprophet 2 months ago

LOVE The Avengers. Brings back great memories about how me and my sister would stay up till 3 every Saturday just watching this series.

Jake Miller
Jake Miller 2 months ago

oh. i thought it meant like, the super heroes.

3Deity 2 months ago

In the 70s glamour was tops, then the 80s came and it was more gritty. Interesting to see how Brian Clements wrote the Professionals later.

john smith
john smith 2 months ago

the limies like to dress up dont they?

Drew TV
Drew TV 2 months ago

@InuWarrior Even though this isn't The Avengers that I was talking about it looks badass still. Good day. Check out my short film.

Abner Sánchez
Abner Sánchez 2 months ago


John Robertson
John Robertson 2 months ago

@a1orski damn cool lady

crispycritterz 2 months ago

One of the hand full of shows that even now, actually has class.

Manny Zuniga
Manny Zuniga 2 months ago

Everybody's babes in the 60's was Ann Margret and Raquel Welch. Mine were Barbara Eden and Diana Rigg.