BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)



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Information BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)

Title : BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)

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Frames BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)

Description BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)

BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)

BECOMING IRON MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Marvel's Iron Man VR - Part 1 (PS4 Walkthrough/Gameplay)

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Nathie 2 months ago

Part 2 is up!

Aluvala Kousshik
Aluvala Kousshik 2 months ago

Phone what is iron man

Pixel Goat
Pixel Goat 2 months ago

My psvr camera doesn't track me if i turn around so i dont get how u are

Frost84 2 months ago

What a view while he’s looking at the wall 😂

Frost84 2 months ago

Where did you get the thing that’s on the ground so I don’t get lost when I playing and don’t get hurt and wants the name of it

Legend gamez
Legend gamez 2 months ago

Do you need a ps4 for this vr yes or no

Aina Ekandjo
Aina Ekandjo 2 months ago

love you too sis Bae the genocide of my problem nande I will be here 😣😥

Dogeinator Smith
Dogeinator Smith 2 months ago

I watched this video because I'm getting a psvr that come with this iron man game so I was seeing what I'm in-store for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Jeremiah Reynolds
Jeremiah Reynolds 2 months ago

Nice mustache

lil keek Daf
lil keek Daf 2 months ago

i want VR so baddddd my mom gonna buy me 😊

Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia 2 months ago

What is the mat he's standing on for?

Arko 2 months ago

Are you dutch?

ICE GAMING 2 months ago

I got to chapter 5 without a break

My feet literally broke

Ophelia Graham
Ophelia Graham 2 months ago


Dbl lover .,.
Dbl lover .,. 2 months ago

I ordered a vr hopefully not a scam wish me luck I will tell you what happens

Sound Art0
Sound Art0 2 months ago


TOAFO Man 2 months ago


Lilknight 06
Lilknight 06 2 months ago

I’ve played this game a and I beat it in 3 days

infnate killer
infnate killer 2 months ago

I have this game its so fun im not not gonna leak any thing

Selina Alvarado
Selina Alvarado 2 months ago

A🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚜🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚒🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚒🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚒🚓🚒🚒🚐🚒🚐🚐🚒🚐🚑 🚒 ,

Noah McFarlane
Noah McFarlane 2 months ago


HyperForce 2 months ago

I have this came to but for some reason the graphics when you look through the VR headset are bad but when you look through it on a phone or TV it looks like RTX is on

Apple cat
Apple cat 2 months ago

I have a VR ironman

Wolf Common
Wolf Common 2 months ago

I purchased this game. My only complaint is that there are too many buttons to try and master. Gave up in the end

Lolo_gaming 2 months ago

Great Vid!

Adriana Pettitt
Adriana Pettitt 2 months ago

I am getting psvr just to play this

john carlo
john carlo 2 months ago

I finished it on one day:/ it was kinda boring at the start it was not but the ending nope

jaime herrera h
jaime herrera h 2 months ago

Long time since i watched these videos

Kerry Plows
Kerry Plows 2 months ago

I actually have this game

Tevin Tyrice
Tevin Tyrice 2 months ago


TheWalkingRed 2 months ago

I got this thing ordered. Finally took the VR plunge. This game looks so much more amazing than I was expecting. I can't frickin wait to play it now. The graphics are insane. My nephew has the Oculus Quest 2 and the graphics in those games are trash compared to this lol

Rocio Diaz-Benjumea
Rocio Diaz-Benjumea 2 months ago

you r best youtuber beter

Matteo Martinez
Matteo Martinez 2 months ago

I love this game cause it’s really action packed but also has chill and funny moments

Fros Catubigan
Fros Catubigan 2 months ago

I cant afford your game

Unsoar 2 months ago

Is there a way to play this on oculus link?

Antonio modica jr
Antonio modica jr 2 months ago

I’m watching this for the review I have vr and I have the game I just wanna be prepared

Fluffle Pink Star
Fluffle Pink Star 2 months ago

I'm NGL I want a Storm game....

Aidan Tisdall
Aidan Tisdall 2 months ago

Play spiderman

doge 2 months ago

Iron man and a woman to

William Bunkers
William Bunkers 2 months ago

He dose the punch better then me in the game 😐

231Anime 2 months ago

Ironic how Spider-Man is in Iron-Man’s shoes

Carlos Arroyo Gonzalez

i have played that

Waylen Jones
Waylen Jones 2 months ago

How much does it cost

Eric Lee
Eric Lee 2 months ago


Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 2 months ago

I love this game so far! I got it last year with my headset and it is phenomenal

Leah Will
Leah Will 2 months ago

Hold on a minute isn't this $75 I tried buying it on my PS vr and it is $75 And I bought it(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

kongfam 2 months ago

i m new

Christy Carter
Christy Carter 2 months ago

This is an cool vidio!

KajithKaniha P
KajithKaniha P 2 months ago

Pepper pots:HELP I'M FALLING

Thanos 2 months ago

I like watch those things that i can't afford😆😆

john cao
john cao 2 months ago

The unsightly stove lovely wait because dragon spontaneously watch for a wasteful scraper. necessary, enchanting block

Captain kempy
Captain kempy 2 months ago

After watching this i will buy a vr

Mr_McFatback 2 months ago


Ezequiel Ranne
Ezequiel Ranne 2 months ago


Lego films
Lego films 2 months ago

I have this game too!!😅😆

yellow blue lightning vlogs

i want a new spider man vr game

7xsAahil _Gaming
7xsAahil _Gaming 2 months ago

are u in india?

Tricia McCalla
Tricia McCalla 2 months ago

That was so cool to play and I got to play it for my first time

Who Knows
Who Knows 2 months ago

This shit has the same quality of graphics as the old VR games that they used to have in malls back in the late 90’s

Zayden Graves
Zayden Graves 2 months ago

I played this

The Average Noob
The Average Noob 2 months ago

My quality is shit on this game is that because I'm not playing on the pro?

Bridget Nyoni
Bridget Nyoni 2 months ago

l don’t have vr

T.G.Z Comedy
T.G.Z Comedy 2 months ago

Fuck why I life like this

Super Goose
Super Goose 2 months ago

Pepper: What's next?
Tony: Time travel

Well that aged well

Ethan Yerdon
Ethan Yerdon 2 months ago

the iron man game is just like knack but its in vr

car man
car man 2 months ago

Iron Man wife is dark widow

Vincent Enninga
Vincent Enninga 2 months ago

You sound a little dutch

Kian O'Sullivan
Kian O'Sullivan 2 months ago

I have this game it’s so cool

Gameaholic 2 months ago

I can’t wait to get mine

cj white
cj white 2 months ago

What vr is that?

jayant mallik
jayant mallik 2 months ago

Bhai part 2 bhejna

sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton 2 months ago

did markiplier voice howard stark

D8 Potato
D8 Potato 2 months ago

When I saw the boxing equipment my first thought was


jadiioox 2 months ago

he is growing a moustache now ok

Givendobo17_playz 2 months ago

2 16:04

Givendobo17_playz 2 months ago


alaa mamdouh
alaa mamdouh 2 months ago

can you do spiderman next

SANDWICH GOD 2 months ago

He has a mustash lol

OSCAR AVATION 2 months ago

Will this come out on pc

god is our savior33
god is our savior33 2 months ago

There were 666 comments but im a Christian so its 667 your welcome

natalie harabedian
natalie harabedian 2 months ago


Emilio Valdes
Emilio Valdes 2 months ago


Agent Cat
Agent Cat 2 months ago


Dog Lover
Dog Lover 2 months ago

I got the odious over the ps vr cuz it is better graphics n stuff but if I ever get the ps vr I imagine I'll get this

IkalkorTV 2 months ago

im about to get psvr and this game, thats why im here

Martba Goins
Martba Goins 2 months ago

I don't like this game but I know that much but I played it

Nick Mazz
Nick Mazz 2 months ago

We need a Hulk vr right now ! 😤

Kga 2012
Kga 2012 2 months ago

Isn’t ghost an ant man villain????

Ben Likes Games
Ben Likes Games 2 months ago

when i get a ps4 im playing this game
i love iron man

TheSmokeyKabuki 2 months ago

Look at 57:31 there is Captain America's suit instead of Iron Man's suit

Joshua Hudson
Joshua Hudson 2 months ago

i hate you mstache

The men
The men 2 months ago

Yo that game is sick

Nicolas Adams
Nicolas Adams 2 months ago

Action figure

Nicolas Adams
Nicolas Adams 2 months ago

There is it was a limited edition

Nicolas Adams
Nicolas Adams 2 months ago

Your voice is weird

Karyn Villalobos
Karyn Villalobos 2 months ago


Erik Lisard
Erik Lisard 2 months ago

Natie, I give your mustache a big thumbs up