Downton Abbey Upstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA



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Information Downton Abbey Upstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

Title : Downton Abbey Upstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

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Description Downton Abbey Upstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

Downton Abbey Upstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

Downton Abbey Upstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

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Ellen Dunlop
Ellen Dunlop 2 months ago

Mr Bates was my actor I liked

Jen S
Jen S 2 months ago

Blahhhhh I hate when actors leave the show. Dan & Jessica’s departure was premature. The only good that came of it was the shock value. But I’m still grieving the loss of both 😢

Waquar Ahmad
Waquar Ahmad 2 months ago

Love the show! As hard as it may be to believe some people still haven't seen the show or are currently in the midst of watching it. The content of this video contains a lot more than what the title displays. Kindly be mindful and add 'spoiler alert' to the title on such videos.

JLee D
JLee D 2 months ago

I find it hard to believe Smith wasn’t known until Downton Abbey. Harry Potter is just as big if not bigger.

A Cast
A Cast 2 months ago

🤣 What a clickbait thumbnail!

Project X
Project X 2 months ago

Lady Edith is drop dead gorgeous how can she possibly be labeled the ugly sister?..good grief people!!!😳

Project X
Project X 2 months ago

Best actor of the year please

william chan
william chan 2 months ago

maggie smith is one of the best

Dave Woods
Dave Woods 2 months ago

I do love an American YouTube vlog when they try thier best of British pronunciations.
I'm think Gloucester has already been mentioned "Gloss-Ter" but the commentator needs to research how to refer to Knights and Dames of the British Empire KBE DBE eg Sir and Dame ..... it's Dame Maggie not Dame Smith.
Good effect but had you heard of the films Harry Potter? Maybe one of the actors may have been in that too.

emiliano basili
emiliano basili 2 months ago

Xché non ce la traduzione. Chi non conosce l'inglese!! Non è corretto...

Lana Wang
Lana Wang 2 months ago

Dan Steven’s wife bears resemblance to Lavinia

jarabaa 2 months ago

Who writes this illiterate nonsense? And more intriguingly, WHAT reads it?

lovely L
lovely L 2 months ago

Downton Abbey is way more popular than anything Sybil and Mathew(idk their real name lol) play in after. I am made he left🥲 I know they regret leaving lol. Maggie Smith was well know before Downton Abbey.

Elsie Sese
Elsie Sese 2 months ago

All the characters were captivating, interesting & added colour to the series including the servants!❤️🤩

Irish Hearts
Irish Hearts 2 months ago

my first exposure to maggie smith was secret garden. she was amazing then. and is amazing now~!

Eilidh Hossack
Eilidh Hossack 2 months ago

The pronunciations by this narrator are hilariously awful. Thank you for making me chuckle!

Anthony Harrison
Anthony Harrison 2 months ago

A minute and a half in and you still haven't revealed Hugh Bonneville's partner. TLDR.

Amethyst Gem
Amethyst Gem 2 months ago

The scene when Sybil dies.... I cried my heart out like anything at 2 in the morning... That scene is hard to watch.

Maria Liana Ciesielski

Well: Shiley Mclean is The Queen!

Anthony Woods-mclean
Anthony Woods-mclean 2 months ago

Clark Keg,eey

Helen Pourouna
Helen Pourouna 2 months ago

Dame Maggie is acting royalty ..A class act

9razzler9 2 months ago

the thumbnail is misleading, making it look like hugh bonneville is with a male partner. like stop gaybaiting for views....

Human _2.0
Human _2.0 2 months ago

Are we going to ignore that Maggie Smith was well renowned for Professor Mcgonagall in Harry Potter series??

Carol Dixon
Carol Dixon 2 months ago

I liked Branson. Pity you didn't have time to feature him.

Anna W
Anna W 2 months ago

I admire and love Dame Maggie Smith as Lady Violet, she carries the series season after season. But her performance as Professor Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts is closest to my heart. My absolute favourite character in the Harry Potter movies, well actually one of my all time favourite character in any movie.

Latifah Gordeeva
Latifah Gordeeva 2 months ago

Michelle's husband was so handsome. He looked like a young Jeremy Irons

meranaphi 2 months ago

It's bad when everyone who knows me compares me to Dame Maggie Smiths character haha lol

The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster 2 months ago

Why are you doing a video about Downton Abbey when you can't even pronounce words like "Gloucester" and "impertinent"? You sound like a tryhard, wannabe fangirl, and it's painful to listen to.

Nicopavvi 8
Nicopavvi 8 2 months ago

Really nobody recognized Maggie Smith before Downton Abbey? I mean, she played in Harry Potter, at least that has a lot of fans.

Maria Teresa Aimone
Maria Teresa Aimone 2 months ago

Tutti bravissimi! La Smith è superlativa!

Angela Berni
Angela Berni 2 months ago

Look out for Maggie Smith,Judy Dench,Joan Plowright and Cher in the FABULOUS film " Tea with Mussolini". An absolute MUST !!!

Shirley Schork
Shirley Schork 2 months ago

Middle age simply means your age doubled to land you into old age. So if she was born in 1961 as was I it would put her doubled date 120 at the time of death. Middle aged is more like 35 as it equals 70 average. So she is way beyond middle aged!

C Marq
C Marq 2 months ago

Violet Crawley is a QUEEN! And the interviews I saw of Dame Maggie Smith make her someone I would love to meet as well for her unique perspective of life

Mylene Kellerman
Mylene Kellerman 2 months ago

We watch downton abbey episodes periodically and love each and everyone of them; it would have been preferable if characters like Mathew Crawley had gone overseas to fulfill certain duties and obligations for a long period of time and then brought them back later to the drama series so we could enjoy seeing them again rather than killing them in the series. Maybe you can have an identical twin brother of Mathew be brought in the series or movie and bring out that Isobel hid that little secret. In that way Dan can return and Penelope can be happy again!
Please bring this classic elegant show back…. Thanks.

Redsea 2 months ago

Piggy-eyed Benedict Cumberbatch is up his own backside and should be ignored

Redsea 2 months ago

Maggie Smith was brilliant when she was in the film The Prime of Miss Brodie, she was very attractive too.

Redsea 2 months ago

Please use a presenter who can pronounce English names correctly!

MissJensk1 2 months ago

Gloucester is pronounced GLOSS-TER, not GLOW-CHES-TER!

MmeDesgranges 2 months ago

Gloucester ... CLANG!!

Katharine Davis
Katharine Davis 2 months ago

I think Laura is lovely . K

Graham Hutton
Graham Hutton 2 months ago

Mountbatten wasn’t Louise but Louis

Beverley Malzard
Beverley Malzard 2 months ago

Who is this dumb narrator? Pronunciation- Gloucester pronounced Glowcester and Viceroy pronounced VicERoy.

Christine Dunphy
Christine Dunphy 2 months ago

It's pronounced Gloster

Christine Harris
Christine Harris 2 months ago

If you are going to provide commentary, please learn how to pronounce English!!!

James Robiscoe
James Robiscoe 2 months ago

Not wanting to sound ungallant, but I've admired Maggie Smith's acting ability for decades. She has a unique quality that impresses itself into every film role she's ever been in. She gets high points on timing, and she knows the value of a pause or a moment of silence.

Nicoletta Baldari
Nicoletta Baldari 2 months ago

Edith è la mia preferita!!

Nicoletta Baldari
Nicoletta Baldari 2 months ago

Maggie Smit e' meravigliosa!!

Vera Avery
Vera Avery 2 months ago

I find it odd that you put 2 men together on the intro, but they are NOT TOGETHER

Nancy Hammons
Nancy Hammons 2 months ago

Any body who thinks that Laura Carmichael is "the ugly" one needs to take out their eye balls and try a different pair. None of the people in this show are ugly.

Maria Papagiannidi
Maria Papagiannidi 2 months ago

Does anyone know the name of the song that begins around 3:03?

Baskerville Bee
Baskerville Bee 2 months ago

Not upstairs, but poor Mr Carter is married to Delores Umbridge.
I worry about his welfare.

al manook
al manook 2 months ago

I well remember Maggie Smith, in "Young Cassidy" co-starring Rod Taylor. She was younger, and the movie was in color. She was also involved with American, George Nader, in "Nowhere to Go", a black and white movie which had me in suspense to the very end. It was an ending I would not have preferred; but quite a satisfactory experience for a moviegoer like me.

JudgeJulieLit 2 months ago

Laura Carmichael is dropdead gorgeous, hence her bewilderment and consternation at being called "the ugly" Downton sister. But the WW1 tightly coiled hair updo did not do her blonde tresses justice.

Judy Hoffman
Judy Hoffman 2 months ago

Closed captions please! Thanks

Isaias Ramos Garcia
Isaias Ramos Garcia 2 months ago

a world disapeared with WWI

Carolanne Titmus
Carolanne Titmus 2 months ago

If as an Englishwoman I can pronounce Waxahachie Texas correctly there is no excuse for all the blunders this narrator makes.

Carolanne Titmus
Carolanne Titmus 2 months ago

I do wish people particularly Americans learn how to pronounce names and places before they do these types of scripts. If people can learn lines surely it is as important to study how to pronounce things correctly.

thisusernameistaken byyomama

Maggie Smith! Harry Potter and Secret Garden! I grew up watching her.

65denikat 2 months ago

Neither did I ever understand how Laura Carmichael could be the ugly sister. She's not even average, she is beautiful. If someone meant to cast her as the ugly sister, they really need to visit an optician and possibly need to be fired becuse they did a horrible job.

Mozelle Beasley
Mozelle Beasley 2 months ago

Is Maggie Smith a Dame?🤔

pauline coburn
pauline coburn 2 months ago

Glaw Chester 😂😂😂

Melissa Harden
Melissa Harden 2 months ago

I am anxious to see what happens with Tom Branson! His character acquired a remarkable transformation!

Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien 2 months ago

Dame Maggie Smith is a well known and loved stage actress treading the boards of many London theatres and in Toronto Canada performing brilliantly in many Shakespeare productions and Noel Coward plays.

MS 2 months ago

Great tv series, so into the characters, sad that Mathew character died, that was an unexpected scene , Laura Carmichael is an attractive with personality actress,

Donna SR
Donna SR 2 months ago

This was a great show and they were fabulous actors. I honestly feel that they all should earn awards for their acting.

Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt 2 months ago

The other mistake just creeps in small increments. In stead of a summing up of real life partners we get complete bios and film resume's. Please! Clickbait much? This is so BOOOOOOOOORIIIINNNGGGG!

Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt 2 months ago

Okayyy, starting of on the wrong foot after slightly more then a minute. The duke of glou-chester? (Which is spelled as Gloucester by the way). Glou chester??? Noooooo! So wrong! It's pronounced Gloster! Oh dear. What's next?

Alex Telford
Alex Telford 2 months ago

this is shite yank shite

kevlan1979 2 months ago

IT's not Dame Smith, it's Dame Maggie!

Nuku Studio
Nuku Studio 2 months ago

This voice is too harsh for Downton Abbey

Pamela Hanlon
Pamela Hanlon 2 months ago

needs to learn to pronounce Gloucester properly.

Cristiane Nunes Damasceno

I love this series, I'm addicted! I can't stop seeing! 😍❤️🙌🙌🙌 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Cristiane Nunes Damasceno

I love this series, I'm addicted! I can't stop seeing! 😍❤️🙌🙌🙌 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Bruniebear 2 months ago

This person barely speaks English, mispronounces numerous words and does not read with proper intonation at all. Couldn't you get anyone else to read this?

Ash Plays
Ash Plays 2 months ago

Narrators need to do research on pronunciation and general knowledge before they film a video like this. 🙄Especially about a massive show like Downton!

Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter 2 months ago

Dame Smith? Wtf is this person on?

Missy Gardiner
Missy Gardiner 2 months ago

I would spot Dame Maggie Smith in a crowded street. I’ve been watching her movies for well over 20 years.

Cecilia Burnette
Cecilia Burnette 2 months ago

Er.... DAME Maggie Smith you!

Cecilia Burnette
Cecilia Burnette 2 months ago

Glou Chester? really? ffs!

James Leonard
James Leonard 2 months ago

Omg! I just want to say I always thought Edith was the hit sister! And she lived a far more interesting life. But in all fairness, I love them all equally 🌊🏄‍♂️☀️🌱

Christiane Flentie
Christiane Flentie 2 months ago

So many mistakes made in this it's ridiculous and I'm a Southern Californian. If I'm picking them up so easily you know the narrator sucks.
I have to add "A Room with a View" as one of my all time favorite Maggie Smith roles. I would definitely recognize her from her previous work as well as Downton.
Why don't they mention "The Guest" for Dan Stevens? Talk about a transformation both physically and mentally. Wow! Matthew Crawley becomes a badass. And the there's Will Ferrell's Eurovision movie in which Stevens totally steals the show but that likely debuted after this interview.

spooky bitch
spooky bitch 2 months ago

Can we all just agree foreigners shouldnt try to pronounce english place names. It never goes well.

Jennifer H
Jennifer H 2 months ago

The pronunciation is awful. Gloucester.

Lynn Morgan
Lynn Morgan 2 months ago


bowler8 2 months ago

Glou - chester, you mean gloucestershire

Kristi Meechan
Kristi Meechan 2 months ago

The duke of where?! Hahahaha glow-chester?

Its pronounced 'gloster'

Sally Hodges
Sally Hodges 2 months ago

GLLAWCHESTER ? its pronounced glosstah (gloucester) lol americans.... they can never say our places right .

Frere Campbell
Frere Campbell 2 months ago

Too much favoritism, difficult to enjoy, why dwell on one actor, the topic was who is married to whom.

Yvonne Hayes
Yvonne Hayes 2 months ago

Edith was my favorite.

Katarina Luna diCamella

I felt bad people still haven't includes Tom Branson as one of upstairs members... Also what about Isobel Crawley? Why people always forgets her!?

annette barlette
annette barlette 2 months ago

My mom is an O'Brien, so I think of my long ago family, our family on both sides from the UK, when the family went to Scoctland i wad jelous, wish to see Isle of Bute where my Mc'Curdy family comes from.

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Замечательный сериал и актёры на роли подобраны очень точно! Благодарю за качественную работу всех создателей сериала и исполнителей ролей! Просмотр доставил огромное наслаждение!!!!!

Linda Goulder
Linda Goulder 2 months ago

I'm a little confused by the statement, the narrator made in the video, about waiting for someone. I didn't know that I should be waiting for anyone, especially keeping such a busy schedule.-All my best to the cast and crew of Downton Abbey.

James OConnor
James OConnor 2 months ago

I really dislike the new fad of calling spouses "partners" . It is either a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. This liberals are imposing their way into the lives of everyone. Live and let live. Carmencita

Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget 2 months ago

Thats when Hugh became the Boss

louise ng
louise ng 2 months ago

You missed Mr. Moseley.

1asset 2 months ago

all this nattering about pronounciation aside, where are all the partners advertised? only some, eh?

Nicky L
Nicky L 2 months ago

The Dook of Glowchester? 🤣🤣

Phoenix 2 months ago

Glou-Chester 🤣🤣🤣
All us Brits are laughing at that pronunciation.

It's actually pronounced "Gloss-ter".

Dame Maggie Smith is a national treasure and has been an acting legend for over 60 years. Get it right.

Reina de Grillos
Reina de Grillos 2 months ago

I love Brendan Coyle.